Vehicle Systems

A suite of libraries dedicated to automotive applications both for real- time applications and detailed modeling of vehicle systems. The focus is on simulation of driving performance, energy consumption, heat management and driving strategies of cars and trucks, with conventional and nonconventional power trains.

  •  Vehicle Interfaces Library
  •  Alternative Vehicles Library
  •  Engine - Mean Value library
  •  Engine - Crank Angle Resolved library
  •  Engine - Gasoline combustion library
  •  Engine - Diesel combustion library
  •  Free Piston Linear Generator Library
  •  Tyre Library
  •  Point to Curve Library
  •  Mechatronics Opening Systems Library
  •  Heat Exchanger Stack & Under-hood Library
  •  Vehicle Controls Library

Claytex, Dassault Aviation, DLR, Dynasim, Kämmerer, IFP, LMS Imagine, Modelon, ZF.