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Short Description

The Cabrio_Package_KAG facilitates the development of multi-body-system (MBS) models of convertible-roof systems. Components which are required to successfully model the dynamic behaviour of convertible-roof assemblies have been identified and developed within this package.

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Long Description

The purpose of the package is to enable developers of convertible-roof vehicles to create multi-body-system (MBS) models of their designs. The models can be used to compute the dynamic behaviour of both complete assemblies and sub-structures of convertible-roof vehicles. Several complete models of convertible-roof systems have been constructed in order to identify elements existing in the Modelica Standard Library which can be utilised and elements which are required to be developed in order to successfully model the dynamic behaviour of a convertible-roof.

The Modelica Standard Library contains the package Mechanics with sub-packages containing components to model the kinematics of one-dimensional rotational (Rotational package), one-dimensional translational (Translational package), and three-dimensional (MultiBody) mechanical systems. The components in the Mechanics package have been largely utilised to build new components to facilitate the modelling of convertible-roof systems. Easy usability is a feature of this package. Users do not need specific experience in simulation in order to construct dynamic models of convertible-roof systems. Joints, bodies, and force elements can be simply connected together, as representative of the real system. Example models of partial and complete systems demonstrate the usage of the developed components .

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