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Short Description

The AlternativeVehicles library provides component and ready to use vehicle models for design and benchmark of vehicle energy systems with non-conventional power trains.

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Long Description

The AlternativeVehicles library focuses on simulation of driving performance, energy consumption and heat management of passenger cars, light duty vehicles and heavy duty vehicles with non-conventional power trains. It comprises a variety of vehicle configuration such as different variants of hybrid-, fuel-cell- and battery-vehicles which differ notably from a conventional combustion engine drive. Therefore, it is important to provide a wide range of component models, e.g. electrical energy storages, fuel cell systems, electrical drives, cooling systems, auxiliaries and control systems. The operation strategies for the optimized interaction of the aggregates with different physical active principles will be provided as well as the control strategies for the throughout non stationary operating states of the additional aggregates. It will be able to offer expanded driver assistant systems for modern concepts like independently four wheel driven inwheel vehicles. The model based development of innovative vehicles comprises the components and principles of conventional vehicles and expands them in many ways. Therefore, several aspects of other libraries (e.g. SED-Library, Vehicle Controls Library) are considered and appropriate interfaces are provided. Validation is performed with existing measurements from the laboratories of DLR-FK.

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with Modelica


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December 15th 2008

AV-Light 1.0


 VehicleInterfaces 1.1

Dymola 7.0

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Paper prepared for the Modelica Conference 2009



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Article published in the ATZ worldwide eMagazines - issue: 10/2009

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