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Short Description

Usually specifications of requirements, constraints, properties or modelling assumptions are associated to systems and their decomposition, but they are not formally integrated to the models. The objective is to propose a library of operators allowing to build properties with Modelica. These properties models can be associated to a system behaviour and be validated by simulation.

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Long Description

The design of complex systems involves the modelling and verification of properties, handled today with a range of modelling techniques and languages. This range is a potential source of errors, leading to flaws in the analysis of risk for system safety, reliability and performance.

The purpose of this workpackage is the extension of Modelica to:

  •   Model the properties of system functioning, by describing the constraints on its elements
  •   Specify the validity domain of physical models
  •   Enhance documentation of the system studied
  • A property can be seen as a formal expression that specifies a condition that must hold true at given times and places for a component, system or its environment (When, Where, What ?).

    The association of a formal modelling of properties specifications to the system modelling allows to:

  •   Include overall goals, constraints, limits of validity of the system
  •   Include assumptions (about the environment...)
  •   Reuse, save time, improve transmission of knowledge
  •   Keep track of property evolution due to design or operational improvement
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    with Modelica


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    Feb. 15th , 2010

    0.1 Beta


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    Dymola 7.3, CATIA Systems V6R2010x



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