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TrueTime Network makes it possible to simulate wired and wireless network communications within Modelica models. It simulates the physical layer, medium access and packet transmission in local area networks. The library is implemented in native Modelica.

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Long Description

TrueTime Network supports seven simple network protocol models: FlexRay, CSMA/CD (e.g. Ethernet), CSMA/AMP (e.g. CAN), Round Robin (e.g. Token Bus), FDMA, TDMA (e.g. TTP), and Switched Ethernet. Additionally, the wireless networks IEEE 802.11b/6 (WLAN) and IEEE 802.15.4 (“ZigBee”) are also available. Alongside the wired and wireless network models, the library includes various sending and receiving nodes for interfacing with the rest of the model). These make it possible to send and receive messages containing reals and arrays of reals over the networks. The network blocks can be configured via number of block parameters. Common parameters to all types of networks are the bit rate, the minimum frame size, and the network interface delay. For each type of network there are a number of further parameters that can be specified. For instance, TDMA requires the user to specify a cyclic transmission schedule. For the wireless networks it is possible to specify the transmit power, the receiver signal threshold, the path loss exponent, the ACK timeout, the retry limit, and the error coding threshold. TrueTime Network is implemented in native Modelica. Apart from that the principles behind this version are the same as for the External C version of the same library

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