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Short Description

ThermoSysPro is aimed at providing the most frequently used model components for the 0D-1D static and dynamic modelling of thermodynamic systems of industrial processes, such as nuclear, thermal or solar power plants, energy conversion systems, etc. It involves disciplines such as thermalhydraulics, combustion, neutronics, solar radiation.


The library is validated against reference test-cases from the nuclear, thermal, solar and biomass fields. It can be used for system sizing, verification and validation of control systems, system diagnostics, plant monitoring...

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Long Description

The library is based upon first physical principles corresponding to the state-of the-art for power plant modelling: mass, momentum, energy conservation laws, and closure laws for the computation of pressure losses and heat transfer coefficients, in particular for 2-phase water/steam flows.


Design choices for the library have been made to address primarily the modelling and simulation of large complex systems such as power plants: no use of inheritance (at least in the first version of the library) to reduce structural complexity, simple fluid connectors (connectors are merely considered as devices to pass information between model components), limited genericity of component models (component models are not designed to address all possible cases, but the most frequent situations encountered when modelling power plants), simple coding rules to facilitate the understanding and the extension of the library to new needs and other fields than power plant modelling.


The main categories of component models are: boilers, boundary conditions, chemical processes, combustion, heat exchangers, flue gas, machines, neutronics, pressure losses, sensors, solar, combustion turbines, volumes.

Release History

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with Modelica


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Mar. 31 2009



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Dymola 6.1

Jun. 30 2010



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Dymola 7.3

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Article describing the static modelling of a combined cycle power plant.

Article describing the dynamic modelling of a nuclear power plant.

Article describing the static modelling of CHP plants.

Article describing the modelling of a steam generator for a sodium fast reactor (page 694).