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Short Description

Modelling fluid dissipation effects is necessary for thermo-hydraulic process design to evaluate existing energy systems and to find out optimising potentials. Therefore the FluidDissipation library delivers a broad range of verified and validated correlations describing convective heat transfer and pressure loss of fluids as dissipation effects in energy devices.

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Long Description

The FluidDissipation library is a free and open source MODELICA library for convective heat transfer and pressure loss calculations of energy devices. The library will deliver verified and validated correlations for channels, general applications, heat exchangers, helical and straight pipes, plates, bends, diffusers, junctions, orifices and valves for energy systems.

Energy conversion in any thermo-hydraulic process is declined due to unwanted heat transfer and pressure losses of a working fluid. Both physical phenomena increase entropy and decrease exergy of an energy system. Therefore an amount of energy of a working fluid to be transformed into mechanical work is dissipated. These fluid dissipation effects (e.g. pressure loss of pipe network) have to be compensated by higher energy supply of other system components. A reduction of fluid dissipation effects is a way to optimise the efficiency of a thermohydraulic process with a corresponding minimisation of operation costs. Thus modelling fluid dissipation effects is necessary for thermo-hydraulic processes to evaluate existing energy systems and to find out optimisation potentials.

The FluidDissipation correlations are numerically optimised to enable efficient and stable transient simulations. The library also provides convective heat transfer models and flow models of most heat transfer and pressure loss correlations using the free and open source MODELICA.FLUID library as thermo-hydraulic framework for system simulation.

A detailed documentation is available in the library itself.

Release History

Release Date

Release ID

with Modelica


Tested with

Sep 20 2009

1.0 beta 4


MSL 3.0, Modelica_Fluid 1.0 beta 3

Dymola 7.2

Nov 2 2009

1.0 beta 5


MSL 3.1

Dymola 7.3

Jun 30 2010



MSL 3.1

Dymola 7.4

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Download of newest version of FluidDissipation library

Article describing library content and its validation - Modelica Conference 09

Article describing library concept - Modelica Conference 08

Video representing FluidDissipation usage for environmental cooling system of an aircraft



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