Fluid and Thermo-Hydraulics Library


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Short Description

Based on 10 years of LMS-Imagine’s experience in hydraulic system modelling, a library to model hydraulic systems has been developed. It is a Thermal-Hydraulic library with calls to media properties. It is constituted of elementary thermal-hydraulics components.

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Long Description

The standard LMS-Imagine Thermal-Hydraulic library (C-coded) has been partially re-developed in modelica. The added-value of modelica has been investigated for Thermal-Hydraulic applications.

• Development of some thermal-hydraulic modelica library components in the AMESim environment.

• Work on the acausal approach for fluid networks as CC, RR.

• The review of the different components (types, complexity, …) has been done. Utilities have been reviewed (flow equations, …) to evaluate the way the models should be implemented with modelica.

• Calls to AMESim Fluid properties are used for iso-model comparison between AMESim C-coded/Modelica approaches. It allows using Application-oriented fluids database.

• Checks that the existing functionalities of AMESim still work with Modelica components (linear analysis, cpu-time with Run Stats, …)

Release History

Release Date

Release ID

with Modelica


Tested with

December 2008

THH 1.0


No dependency

AMESim Rev8B

December 2009 (planned)

THH 2.0


No dependency

AMESim Rev9

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This paper is dedicated to the Linear Analysis of dynamic systems represented by Modelica models in AMESim. One part is dedicated to the use of the Thermal-Hydraulics prototype library.



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