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Industry / Process

  •  Automotive
  •  Aeronautics
  •  Off-Highway
  •  Energy

Short Description

The Electro Magnetics (EM) and Electric Motors and Drives (EMD) libraries available in the AMESim software have been redesigned using the Modelica language. The new libraries offer global and detailed models with thermal and non-linear magnetic effects.

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Long Description

The standard LMS-Imagine Electro Magnetics library (C-coded) & LMS-Imagine Electric Motors and Drives library (C-coded) have been re-developed in modelica:

LMS-Imagine Electro Magnetic modelica library (EM)

  •  Magnetic library is tested and mapped to XML description
  •  Magnetic components are modeled (air gap, …)
  •  Magnetic model for non linearity (saturation) have been analyzed
  •  Intensive tests have been done to define the best representation of magnetic properties (hysteresis).
  • LMS-Imagine Electric Motors and Drives modelica library (EMD)

  •  Electric Motors and Drives components are modeled
  •  DC motors (with rotor/stator shaft) are implemented
  •  Synchronous motors with external excitation
  •  Direct/reverse Park transforms
  •  Circuit like model added for synchronous and induction motor (in order to be able to represent failures)
  •  Motors library has been updated with thermal and mechanical stator port

    Release History

    Release Date

    Release ID

    with Modelica


    Tested with

    December 2008

    EM 1.0


     No dependency

    AMESim Rev8B

    June 2009

    EMD 1.0


     No dependency

    AMESim Rev8B

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    This paper deals with a method that automates the average modelling of power electronic converter. The associated tool prototype (AMG) that has been implemented is also presented and some simulation results are shown using the Imagine.Lab AMESim and its Modelica Platform.



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