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Short Description

ABAQUS -> SID Translator: generation of a Standard Input Data (SID) file from a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) substructure generated from an ABAQUS model, to be used as input to the DYMOLA non-linear DAE solver for the assembly and computation of a reduced multi-body dynamic analysis solution.

CAE -> OBJ Export: generation of a Wavefront (OBJ) file from Finite Element Analysis mesh model, to be used along with the reduced analysis solution obtained by DYMOLA for visualization of the results on the full model.

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Long Description

The SID file is generated in a two-steps process:

  1.  In the first step, a deformable body FEA model is reduced by ABAQUS into a dynamic super-element substructure and specific reduced data is written to an intermediate SIM file.
  2.  In the second step, the SIM file data is processed to generate all dynamics entities necessary for the reduced dynamic analysis and these entities are written to the SID file according to the SID format.

The OBJ file, containing a light version of the undeformed body boundary mesh, is generated according to the Wavefront format. This file , used for animation purposes, is read by MODELICA when displaying the dynamic response of the body, thus completing the flexible dynamic analysis process.

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June 30 2010



 Library FlexibleBody (DLR)


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