Library Protected Exchange Techniques
in AMESim development


LMS-Imagine :

Industry / Process

  •  Automotive
  •  Aeronautics
  •  Off-Highway
  •  Energy

Short Description

For collaborative Engineering it is a critical requirement to be able to protect the Intellectual Property of each party (between for example OEM’s and Tier 1 supplier). The OEM might not want to disclose to the supplier the details of his models and libraries, although they are needed to be simulated on the supplier side, and conversely the supplier want to protect its IP, and only send executable, encrypted models to the OEM. The purpose of this package is to define and develop the best technique so that Modelica libraries can be protected in this way. This IP Protection development is tested in AMESim.

Long Description

This development is essential for commercial Modelica libraries since it concerns IP Protection:

  1.  LMS-Imagine started the analysis on the Modelica Library Protection with two options such as “Ciphering source code” and “Compiling to binaries”.
  2.  View is only single tool IP protection currently (AMESim), but LMS-Imagine would like to have a multi-tools IP Protection view (especially AMESim + other tools vendors).
  3.  In order to make encryption reasonably easy to handle by library developers, LMS-Imagine selected the most practicable library protection annotations among the annotations in the proposal made by the Modelica Association.
  4.  A first prototype is under development.

Release History

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April 2010 (planned)

WC 1.0


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