Fluid Library Integration Into CFD - development


LMS-Imagine :  antoine.viel@lmsintl.com

Industry / Process

  •  Automotive
  •  Aeronautics
  •  Off-Highway
  •  Energy

Short Description

The purpose is to integrate 3D Flow management Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with the Modelica fluid library. 3D geometry and CFD data are used as input and visualization of results will be provided in 3D. The integration is based on the capability of the Modelica Library to handle such external data.

Long Description

This development includes two approaches = 1ast step as Weak Coupling (Lookup Tables) and 2nd step as Strong Coupling (CFD co-simulation).

  1.  Weak Coupling :
    • - Read and evaluate lookup tables
      - Use of external functions
      - Reproduce current LMS Imagine.Lab capabilities regarding tables
      - Using a mixed Modelica-C approach in order to handle discontinuities and allow the Modelica compiler to perform symbolic manipulations
      - Processing of 1D piecewise constant, linear and cubic splines, 2D piecewise constant, bilinear and bicubic splines, ND piecewise constant and multilinear splines
      - Test as a tool-independent library

  2.  Strong Coupling :
    • - Specification of some test cases for the co-simulation of a hydromechanics system-level model with a detailed CFD model
      - Start building a co-simulation interface between AMESim-Modelica models and a CFD software

Release History

Release Date

Release ID

with Modelica


Tested with

March 2009

WC 1.0


 No library dependency

AMESim Rev8B

December 2009

WC 1.1


 No library dependency

AMESim Rev9

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