Parametric Modeling in AMESim - development


LMS-Imagine :

Industry / Process

  •  Automotive
  •  Aeronautics
  •  Off-Highway
  •  Energy

Short Description

This development provides convenient access to Modelica model parameters from persistent storage media (databases, xml files etc.). Data can usually be changed before simulation starts, without re-translation of the model. Based on a generic data interface, prototype implementations are provided for at least one persistent storage system. It allows to expose the appropriate information, and to graphically navigate on Modelica data.

Long Description

Three different AMESim features are now proposed in the LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim “Modelica Platform” option:

  1.  AMESim Modelica import assistant :
    • - Integrated Modelica text editor for modification and viewing of Modelica libraries source code
      - Viewing and use of Modelica libraries stored in hierarchical file systems
      - Package browser added at the AMESim import level. Directories can be added directly with a view of the Modelica libraries contents when selection is made

  2.  AMESim Modelica compiler
    • - Modelica language extended to support “external connectors” allowing the possibility to connect Modelica and non-Modelica components
      - AMESim physical ports are now generated from Modelica code, using a special port type annotation and Modelica to AMESim unit convertor
      - Resolution and conversion of Modelica standard annotations (icons, diagrams, documentations…)

  3.  AMESim sketch designer
    • - Viewing of Modelica libraries in the AMESim library tree browser
      - Viewing and setting of Modelica parameters in the AMESim contextual view using AMESim groups of parameters and variables
      - Possibility to create, set parameters and simulate Modelica models using a Modelica based sketch

Release History

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June 2008



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December 2008



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December 2009



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Download Materials



This flyer describes the Modelica Platform option in AMESim

This video shows the Modelica Assembly in AMESim Rev9

This paper is dedicated to the Linear Analysis of dynamic systems represented by Modelica models in AMESim

This paper explains how problems such as the connection of type-compatible and locally balanced models could be avoided by introducing a safer notions of connectors



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