Digital Mockup (DMU) has enabled multiple disciplines to collaborate and innovate simultaneously on the mechanical definition of products. The next generation of DMU will enable multi-engineering teams to concurrently optimize the product dynamic behavior itself. EUROSYSLIB will make this easy by delivering a large set of advanced, ready to use product behavior components.

Project objectives

Provide of-the-shelf multi-disciplinary component libraries based on the Modelica modeling and simulation language, in order to enable :

  •  Collaborative design by composition of complex systems such as vehicles.
  •  Multi-disciplinary engineering knowledge capitalization and re- use giving up-to-date project information here.


  •  Advanced Modelica libraries for system models with electrical, electronic, thermo-fluid, mechanical, control components, as well as automotive libraries,
  •  Modelica extensions to support the requirements of the new, innovative libraries,
  •  Next generation of DMU that will integrate the product behavior.


  •  Massive productivity gains in solving complex multi-disciplinary engineering problem
  •  Boosted collaborative innovation through sharing library knowledge